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New Age Truth of Missouri Incorporated is a nonprofit life philosophy and metaphysical service organization dedicated to the dispensation of New Ideas and Precepts best suited for constructive living today in this new Age of Aquarius. New Age Truth of Missouri, Inc. seeks to provide and to implement self-help,educational and community service programs through personal counseling, public lectures, seminars, workshops, classes and appropriate cultural events, activities and theater productions which promote truth, reality and constructive living.

This site is here to acquaint humanity with its individual responsibility to know TRUTH and become REAL. The precepts presented here are merely introductory and in no way covers the vast resource of wisdom knowledge taught through and by the New Age Truth.

"Truth does not run out, it runs in.”

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Ralph E. Greene, Chairman of New Age Truth of Missouri, departed this earth plane on May 15, 2020. Membership present and past honor him and we will continue to build upon the foundation he set and nurtured for New Age Truth in Missouri under the direction and guidance of our founder and Master Teacher, Dr. David M. Berry. He will be greatly missed. 

A Facebook Live Tribute was presented on June 14, 2020 at 3 PM to celebrate the life and legacy of this great and honorable servant to humanity. Please select the following link to revisit the presentation.


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