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At the beginning and ending of each new age there is a pouring forth of hierarchical streams of Cosmic energy, and as these streams of energy enter into our earth's atmosphere and unite, we, the people, find in that radiation the instruction best fitted for our times. Thus, there is brought to birth a new period of discovery for the world.

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This energy brings with it the truth and the instructions best fitted for living life in this "Age of Aquarius." This Cosmic energy is affecting people and conditions from one side of the planet to the other. This energy is universal in its manifestation, constantly increasing day by day. These hierarchical streams of Cosmic energy are thawing out the minds of all people, regardless of race, color, or creed, creating unconscious mobilization and a search for TRUTH, KNOWLEDGE, and UNDERSTANDING. This energy uniting within our earth's atmosphere is the cause of all of the unrest among people all over the world and certainly among the people of the United States.

Very few people on our planet are aware of the effects of this energy. These same few people who may be aware of its effects have no awareness whatsoever of the cause. In this new age of Aquarius only the mind that is qualified to receive this new Cosmic energy will receive the instructions contained within it and will become its instrument to bring forth those instructions best fitted for the world.

This planet and its people are experiencing the effects of this Cosmic energy but they are without the right sense of direction and the working method as how to apply and to achieve constructive and fruitful results from it. The New Age Truth through the teachings and instructions of our Master Teacher, Dr. David M. Berry, provides "the right sense of direction and the working method" whereby each individual may unite with this energy through practice of Western Yoga (Mental Yoga) in order to unfold the Soul, that likeness of the Great Principle (God) in us and regain our true inheritance, which is our Divine birth-right.

All that exists on the planet is life and how to live it. New Age Truth is here to prove the constructive and intelligent way to live life in a conscious, harmonious way by precept and example. Through the application to our lives of certain truth principles which deal with individuality, honesty, service to mankind, cause and effect, love, harmony, etc., as taught by Dr. Berry, we are freed from limitations and deceptions. From our own individual experience, we arrive at the truth about living life.

New Age Truth is a scientific approach to living life on the planet today. This scientific approach to living life in no way attempts to bind man's mind through blind belief or faith in a philosophy, but attempts to free man's mind (his true essence) from limitations and deception through the application of truth principles to one's life. Consequently, man is consciously able, through his own experience, to "To know the Truth and be FREE." He becomes a witness of truth rather than an instrument of total acceptance.

To know the truth, to be set free from limitations and deception, to produce soul quality through conscious evolution, is the responsibility of each and every individual. The New Age Truth, through our teacher, Dr. David M. Berry, is the nucleus through which the world will receive the instructions for this new age. These instructions are those which each of us may apply to help ourselves to improve the living of our lives. Dr. David M. Berry is the founder and Master Teacher of the New Age Truth Organization whose purpose it is to prove, by precept and example, the new and improved way to live life today.

New Age Truth brings the light of higher consciousness to humanity through the living examples of those members who exemplify the Soul-source consciousness as the living proof by which all men, fettered by the chains of ignorance, can learn to know and be truth. When the right knowledge of reality (the inner source and cause of all outer being) is consciously realized, then we can seek to serve all of humanity so that all of humanity may be united as one in TRUTH, for TRUTH and by TRUTH.

The article is excerpted from the wisdom teachings of Master Teacher of New Age Truth, Dr. David M. Berry. 

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